Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lauer & Bush

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  1. Bush is great in this video. Thank God for him.
    Matt is obsessed with our "torture" techniques. Bush answers multiple times that everything we do is within the law. Matt worries about water-boarding KSM. Who cares?
    This barbaric enemy ALREADY does far worse. Recently two soldiers from 101st Air Assault Division were captured, sexually mutiliated, eyes gouged out and beheaded with a dull saw. Only DNA could identify them. And we worry about whether GITMO detainees get a Koran? Who cares what anti-American, pacifist "human rights" groups think? They were loudly silent about the butchering of our two American boys.
    Within US law, let our people get whatever they can from these savages. Bush let it be known that info we got from KSM SAVED US lives. In this case, water-boarding worked.
    This enemy is rooted in power and retribution. Let's give it to them with both barrels. Fred Garvin


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