Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pope Benedict Attacks Radical Islam in Unprecedented Fashion

In an unprecedented verbal attack, Pope Benedict XVI lashed out at Radical Islam today in comments that the Neocon believes may be a first. The Pope went out of his way to use such words as “Jihad” and “holy war”, and then stunningly proceeded to quote 14th century Byzantine Christian Emperor, Manuel II: “Show me just what Mohammad brought that was new, and there you will find things that are only evil and inhuman such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

PS: One of my favorite Military Historians, Ralph Peters accused nameless “right wingers” of engaging in harmful anti-Muslim rhetoric (see below). Will Mr. Peters take his complaints up with the Pope?
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  1. Pope Benedict can certainly say that kind of thing now that the Church operates quite differently these days. It converts more through the carrot, than the sword nowadays. But we all know that wasn't always the case, and history doesn't forget. Look at the Spanish conquests of the Americas. Makes Arabia's Jihad look like a picnic.

    During those times, it really was a case of - "Would you like to embrace the Bible, or would you like to be garroted in the main square?". As many of the rulers of civilizations like the Incas refused to convert, they were subsequently garroted, burnt, or beheaded in the main square of their domains, in full view of their subjects as a warning.

    Some could argue they were "liberating" the lands from the fearfull rule of the Aztecs, and Incan rites that were less favourable (even though the main thrust behind the conquests was to plunder the wealth of Gold in such civilizations). But, the 'liberation' idea was exactly Muhammad's reasoning too, as he spread through early Arabia 'liberating' them from their pagan idolatory and outdated ways. Same reasoning today, with elements of the United States Government who feel they are liberating lands and showing them the "true" way (democracy). All are invaders of one kind or another. Using a carrot, fear, or the sword/gun to spread what they feel is right. No, Christianity should take a good look at it's past history before trying to take a moral high ground above Islam.

    Pope Benedict knows well the past history, because the Vatican Archive has every detail recorded. But it seems he'd like to think that people have forgotten history.


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