Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Freek Show In Cuba - Like the Bar Scene in Star Wars

Only 90 miles off the US coast, Castro’s Cuba will host a number of the worlds…emm…shall we say, more colorful characters: Iran’s Ahmedinejad, Syria’s Assad, Zimbabwe’s Mugabee, Venezuela’s Chavez, and... North Korea’s Kim Jung Ill, who will be sending his representative and will attend in spirit only because Kimy is apparently afraid of flying (no joke). It turns out that there is no train service from North Korea to Cuba, imagine that. In fairness there will be a good number of respectable leaders attending as well, but having the entire Axis of Evil only 90 miles off the coast in one location is an amusing eye-opener. Wait, isn't Guantanamo in Cuba too?

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  1. In regard to the "Mad Anti Americans" article. Blair really is on his last legs in this country. Desperately clinging to his position of power like the captain of a sinking ship, and bringing down his own political party as a result of his own ego stubborness. Americans probably don't realize just how much this guy is resented in Britain and in Europe. Unlike Bush, he can't even bring himself to publicly admit that mistakes were made over Iraq. Rather, he repeats like a parrot - "Look, I believe in what I am doing" as if that someone exhonerates him from any criticism of his decisions. What is he saying in regard to 'anti-americanism', is latching onto the same kind of chestnut that if you criticize actions of the Israeli Governments, you are against Jews as a "people". It is just a very cheap way of 'trying' to make people feel guilty for voicing legitimate concerns, and it is yet another example of just how out of touch this egoist Blair is with the public. Anti Americanism as a general dislike of American people and culture, can be quite irrational at times. But, with quite a large amount of Americans supporting the current U.S administration's global political and military actions, those particular folks cannot call themselves exempt from the consequences, if it comes back to haunt them. We all reap what we sow.


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