Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update: Pope's Speech Stirs Muslim Anger

Predictably, as reported by the Neocon Express yesterday, The Pope’s recent speech is reverberating throughout the Muslim world. The Neocon predicts that the reaction to the speech could reach Danish-Cartoons intensity should certain influential Imams believe it within their interest to stir up trouble. Also predictably, in reporting on the subject, the BBC is bending over backwards to highlight that the Pope was just “quoting Manuel II and that these were not his own words.” The Neocon predicts that the Pope will backtrack faster than you can say “infidel” in a desperate effort to avoid escalation with the Islamic world. Certainly, a backtracking Pope will serve to further embolden radical Islamists in their war with the West.
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  1. Quite what Pope Benedict hoped to achieve by quoting the war weary words of a 14th century Christian Emperor about world events from long ago, I don't know. If Pope B wanted dialogue, then this was not really the way to do it. But it's not really a surprise. Popes are great finger pointers and condemners of pretty much anything. As Pope Benedict does choose to go to the past about Islam, Muslims will probably revive the past Christian history in regard to "converting" too. As mentioned in my previous comment, Pope Benedict had better be open to criticism of Christianity's history in that regard, if he is truly interested in debate. Vatican security had better tighten up as a precaution. Not because of Muslim irritation on the whole, but it only takes one nutcase, as happened to Theo Van Gogh. Not long ago, I visited the Vatican, and areas of it (including St Peters) are pretty unsecure, even though other areas of Rome such as the Colloseum have metal detectors and such things. Nostradamus lovers will be loving Pope Benedict's recent comments of course. Some interpretations of Nostradamus from books in the early 1990's, show a Muslim invasion of Europe (unclear if military or through politics and culture) and the Pope would be assasinated..... After which, all hell supposedly breaks loose. LOL .


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