Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muslim Brotherhood: Pope Statement not Enough, Apology not Accepted, Groveling will be Required

As predictable as the tide, Pope-gate has escalated further in the past 24 hours, finally gaining the attention of US media. The usual crowd is out in the streets instigating and inciting. The usual Imam’s are pulling the strings. Churches have been burned, apologies demanded and death-threats are trickling in. The tipping point however has not yet been reached and the Pontiff is trying to de-escalate by raising trial balloons of apology; desperately trying to figure out what minimal level of an apology will be required to make the thing go away, for now, until the next inevitable perceived insult and rounds of ensuing rioting. The Vatican, as many in the West have yet to grasp that a temporary “truce” may indeed be possible but that no apology will ever truly suffice. It is our very existence that insults them.

Below are a set of links to numerous articles from around the world on Pope-gate. Some of these links illustrate an extreem reaction that should be taken seriously, and this is likly only the begining:
5 Churches Attacked in Palestinian Areas
Pontiff's Trip to Turkey in Jeopardy
Merkel defends Pope amid Muslim fury
Muslim Cleric to Pope: Say Islam Means Peace -- or Else
Somali cleric calls for pope's death
Pakistan’s Parliament Slams Pope
Jordan condemns Pope''s remarks on Islam
Pope must apologize, says Malaysia's PM Abdullah
Attacks threatened over Pope's words
Pope remarks: Muslims livid, burn effigy
Violence over Pope comments is feared
Iran: Pope's Remarks are Against Religion
Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war
Mujahideen's Army threatens Pope with suicide attack
Security around pope beefed up

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