Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dr. Wafa Sultan - Encore

Last march the Neocon was one of the first sites to circulate Dr. Wafa Sultan's appearance on al Jazeera. We recived a massive amount of hits on this one. Every six months or so we will re-post her performance as long as it remains relevant.

Meanwhile, below is the wet dream of every Islamo-fascist sympathizer.

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  1. Sultan refers to Buddhist restraint after the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, as an example of how Islam should respond. How wonderful it would be to say we could have acted in a similar way when towers of the 'west' were knocked down. Just think how powerful a statement that could have been about our so called 'enlightened' nations, to the rest of the world?

    Many in the world stood with us, shortly after 9/11. They sympathized with us. Swiftly, Bush and his sidekicks began the macho gung ho rhetoric and embarked on "kick ass" revenge. Instead of invading and occupying Iraq with a flimsy excuse,killing countless thousands along the way,and now threatening other countries that they cannot develop nuclear power,we could have stuck to intelligence work like the early response to 9/11, and showed ourselves to be above mindless violent solutions.

    That is the basis of my whole argument against our current approach to the war on terror. What we have done, is lower ourselves to extremist behaviour ourselves. How many have we killed with our 'defense'? We are embarking on our own ideological Jihad. How many people have we turned against us so far? (within our own countries and in other countries). We can no longer demand the respect of the world and take a moral high ground, because our governments have shown themselves to be war mongers with dirty politics of self interest at the core, rather than just out to get 'frikkin' terrorists'.

    If you disagree that this cannot have been sorted out via routes other than military invasions of other countries, then as a result you must disagree with Sultan talking about Buddhist restraint in response to such attacks.


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