Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Farily Typical Opinion Aired throughout the Arab World, every Day (english subtitles)


  1. Good video. I saw it as a debate (albeit, with one guy being much more louder than the other). So opinion is clearly mixed in the matter, according to the debate. One man does not mean all Arabs agree with him. The loud guy is right in challenging the oft repeated "Islam is nothing but peace" reply though. Islam certainly is peace, but it also sanctions resistance if under attack (as most people react). He is right in that regard. As for innocents, he is wrong if he's using Islam to 'justify' killing innocents. Islam does not allow slaughter of innocents, full stop. His thinking is just fuzzy and based on emotion if he thinks that because innocents have been killed by coalition troops,it should be a case of tit for tat. In that he is mistaken,and the host was right to challenge him on that particular point. As usual, I am dissapointed though with Memri for it's habit of fading in and out when it suits them. Show us the whole thing, Memri. Memri is a great service, but muslims could have reason to be suspicious of it's fade outs in debates, considering the service is run by a former member of IDF intelligence, and has been funded by organizations linked to the project for the new american century, jewish groups, or one linked to munitions manufacture. Hardly an un-biased service :)

  2. Excellent video. A sample of the thinking we're up against.
    The Islamic culture is rooted in grievance and inferiority. Let's face it, what science or literary breathroughs in the last decades should they be proud about? Nothing. Their proudest export is homicidal bombers.
    There are plenty of other cultures that have been abused and defeated which later showed the maturity of culture to "get over it." For example, using the Islamic grievance culture, the US should still be itching to eliminate England for its 1812 war of occupation. After all, it burned down the White House and killed innocents. The British and Aussies seemed to have gotten over that Japanese doctors "experimented" on live POWs.
    The stream of historical grievances for virtually any culture can be endless. However, it seems most Western civilizations to a necessary degree have moved on. But not Islamic cultures.
    The key to defeating this wicked enemy is to understand their motivations, break this culture and turn them into Western-oriented capitalists. To do any less, will only lead to more innocent deaths. Fred Garvin

  3. I hope this guy does not have a visa to visit the UK or the US....Yes Islam is indeed the religion of Peace.... what a joke


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