Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama Calls for Auschwitz Borders for Israel

The Reverend Wright disciple masquerading as the American President, today called for Auschwitz borders for Israel... saying that Israel's borders must be based on 1967 lines (eight miles wide). How predictable. Basically, Obama has adopted lock stock and barrel, the entire Arab plan for the destruction of Israel in stages. Fortunately, the Israeli Prime Minister told Obama that he can go 1967 himself. Israeli Knesset members have taken to calling Obama "the new Arafat". Leading GOP candidate accuses Obama of "throwing Israel under the bus". Obama's speech calling for Israel to withdraw to the 67 lines is in clear violation of written US commitments and assurances, proving the Obama administration to be untrustworthy and unreliable. Of course, withdraw to the 1967 borders would mean that virtually every single landmark of historic and religious significance, would fall under PLO/Hamas control. The indefensible 67 lines would put Israel's international airport, and virtually every major Israeli population center in mortar range. The country would be eight miles wide and could be cut in two within hours.

Here is the community organizer being schooled in Middle East 101 by somebody other than the Reverend Wright:

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  1. Joe...what do you expect from Barry? Of course he sides w/ Muslim enemy of Israel; he does same w/ Muslims enemy of US.

    He OK's the assassination of OBL but won't show images because it will enrage those whom already despise and murder Americans. He OK'd OBL getting offed because he had no choice, then milks success for every morsel of political value. Disgrace.

    He's simply being what he is: committed Leftist who wants US to be like Western Europe, $8 gallon gasoline and all. Most of Europe hates the Jews and wouldn't care if Muslims burned Israel to the ground. They just don't care, and neither does Barry.

    Barry and his co-thugs believe--because enough Muslims tell them this--that reason Islam's @ war w/ US is because of our support for Israel. Simple for Barry, cut-off Israel support and we'll have no problems w/ Islam. So, this is one step in that strategy.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D.


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