Thursday, April 07, 2011

Iron Dome Kills First Hamas Missile

Israel's new anti-missile system was put to a real test for the first time moments ago and destroyed a Grad missile fired by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, aimed a civilians in southern Israel. This is an historic moment in anti-missile warfare, and marks the first time anywhere that a system specifically designed to destroy incoming missiles intercepts a missile in a real incident. Earlier last month, Israel's "Windbreaker" system intercepted an anti-tank missile shot at an Israeli tank by Gaza terrorists, also marking a first. These incidents mark the first real steps in what is ultimately meant as a complete neutralization of missile threats against Israel, and eventually to protect civilized people everywhere.

UPDATE: Unprecedented success as Iron Dome continues to knock multiple missile launches out of the sky. The system is designed to cover specific geographic areas, such as populated areas, the radar is linked to a computer that instantly calculates missile trajectories and decides whether to intercept or not based on where they are headed. Missiles headed towards open spaces are ignored, and only those representing a treat to populated areas are engaged, thus, although not a total solution, greatly lowering the risk of casualties on the Israeli side. Unfortunately, since the terrorists cowardly fire and hide behind civilians, Israeli counter actions will likely involve civilian casualties on the terrorists side.

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