Wednesday, March 02, 2011

History: Israel's Trophy "Windbreaker" System Intercepts Incoming Missile In Real Incident

Trophy Equipped Israeli Merk 4 Tank
This is likely to be a historic game-changer in tank warfare. Yesterday, an Israeli tank was attacked with an RPG by a Palestinian terrorist along the Gaza border. The tank, a Merk 4, was equipped with a new Trophy "Windbreaker" anti-missile protective shield. The system automatically detected the missile launched against the tank, and automatically launched a countermeasure that destroyed the incoming missile before it could reach its target. The tank and the crew were undamaged and the crew was momentarily unaware of what had happened since the entire exchange was automatic and instantaneous. The Trophy system identified where the missile was fired from allowing the Israelis to return fire, killing the terrorist. This is the first recorded incident ever of a tank destroying a missile launched at it. The Trophy is designed to take out multiple missile threats. A more advanced version currently in development will also destroy kinetic projectile threats such as incoming tank rounds, changing tank warfare as we know it. Israel is currently sharing the technology with the United States Military.

Theoretically at least, if the Trophy program is as successful as envisioned, Israeli heavy armor could be rolling through downtown Damascus in a matter of hours if given the order, with little to stop them. NATO tanks would be in a position to halt any Russian assault on Western Europe with much greater ease, US armor in asymmetric combat theaters such as Iraq or Afghanistan would be far less vulnerable to hit and run attacks. Of course, counter-measures to the counter measures could be developed, but those too could be counted over time as well. A real game-changer.

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  1. Nasrallah will have to learn humility, his heavy infantry are now musketeers.


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