Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wisconsin Senator chased, trapped by leftist Thugs

Unelected, thuggish union hacks, smelly leftist hippy-want-a-be's, "entitled" public employee leeches, free-loading tax-payer milkers, and generally, the bottom of the barrel of American society, almost lynch a duly elected State Senator in Wisconsin today.

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  1. That's quite a description of ordinary citizens you've provided in your statement. Sounds like it's memories of the thirties but not of today.

    Those who protest this elected official have stated to their fellows to "leave him alone. He is a human being". They are, in no way, behaving thuggishly as you suggest. These are teachers, firemen, policemen and women and ordinary working citizens.

    You will note also that, unlike the teaparty protestors, all of their signs are free of misspelled words. This indicates the difference in education between the two groups.

    Please try to be honest when you describe American taxpaying, working, industrious citizens. If you call people names be good enough to back that up with good solid explanations of why those names are correct.

    Remember, too, that big business is as much a threat as is big government. Our democracy must be protected from the excesses of both.


    James P. Simmons Vietnam Veteran and Democratic Patriot.


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