Sunday, June 20, 2010

Geert Wilders: Change Jordan's name to Palestine

"Jordan" is a completely British-invented country that never existed in human history. Its territory represents over 76% of the original British mandate of Palestine, and the vast majority of its population is Palestinian Sunni Arab. To say that ‘Jordan is Palestine’ is a geographic, historic and demographic fact in terms of territory and population makeup. That a little King representing a minority sect (Hashemite) rules over that territory and calls it “Jordan”, is and has always been a farce, and anybody with a tiny knowledge of history knows it.

For all of those lefties that like to talk about "international law": Israel was created by a vote of the United Nations. 'Jordan' was simply invented by the British, no UN, no vote. It was simply a gift from the British to the Abdullah family for services rendered. Period, end of story.

As for the name "Palestine"; there never was a Palestinian state, EVER. Only a territory called 'Palestine' (as given to it by the Romans, and derived from the word Philistine as in the ancient Philistines of the Bible). And there NEVER was a "Palestinian people" until sometime in the 1950's when mostly Sunni Arabs living in and around the former British Mandate of Palestine began to refer to themselves as a distinct group which they named "Palestinians". Of course, people are free to call themselves what they wish. And they should also be free to set up their own country in 76% of the original Mandate of "Palestine", which is a place called 'Jordan'.

The "Palestinian" cause has always depended on the ignorance of Western useful idiots, fellow-travellers, and vile anti-Semites.

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