Monday, September 28, 2009

Olympics in Chicago? Are you kidding me?

Dear Olympic committee members, Below is your average day in Chicago. Don't be fooled by a shister lawyer, who also happens to be the President of the United States. Chicago is no place for the Olympic spirit:


  1. That's hardly a typical day in Chicago. And you can find that type of violence in any city on earth. Why is a suppposed 'patriot' trying to destroy Americas chance to host them? You're a traitor.

  2. PLEASE! Chicago is hardly typical of any city on Earth. Check today's google search on Chicago violence. I would rather see the Olymics in a more meaningful place that is less currpt and violent.

  3. Both Tokyo and Madrid are far less violent and corrupt than Chicago. Rio is violent, but it's in Brazil in the Southern Hemisphere. With the possible exception of Teheran, Chicago is the last place on earth to reward with the Olympics. I would say it should be between Madrid, Tokyo and Rio.

    Not a "patriot" unless you support Olympics in Chicagoland? Don't make me laugh.

  4. Joe-What role did white oppression have in this brutal murder?

    Using Leftist logic, the alleged perpetrators were simply acting out against the white-dominated system. What choices did they have anyway? Underfunded schools, lack of affordable healthcare, over-priced corner stores, no jobs, etc.

    Also, isn't Barry's Edu Secty former head of Chicago schools? Hopeless in Chicago.

    F. Garvin

  5. That's right, the Olympics should not be in Chicago because of all of the racial oppression going on.


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