Monday, September 28, 2009

Instead of Arressting Polanski, They Should be arresting Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar

Barack Obama's "safe school's czar" Kevin Jennings hid pedophilia from authorities. Now this is a serious matter. Unlike Polanski, Jennings is in a position of power on these types of matters, and his inexcusable actions were recent. Not only is he not sent to jail, he is rewarded by the US Government for his outrageous actions and strange beliefs. The US justice system has little to do with justice. It's far more about lawyers enriching themselves, prosecutors making names for themselves on their way to political careers, and liberal/conservative posturing. An institutionalized system of moral hazard.

UPDATE: Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Expresses "Regret" for Not Reporting Statutory Rape. Well isn't that just dandy.

In any event, Richard Cohen has it right in today's Washington Post.

Those suddenly out for Polanski are nothing more than a primitive lynch mob.


  1. Joe-This perv Jennings should ALSO be arrested. Why hasn't he? Answer: He's a leftist and leftists dominate our schools, and homosexuality is broadly accepted.

    Further, Jennings beliefs and values reflect that of the Obama administration's. Why prosecute people like you? They won't.

    This episode is less a flaw in the US Judicial system, than a huge character flaw of the Obama administration.

    Joe, I'm still struck over your defense of the criminal pervert, Polanksi. You may want to review the specifics of his crime--which he pled guilty. You can easily read the Grand Jury testimony of 44-year old Polanski sodomizing this young teen pre-pubescent. He sodomized her after learning she was not on the pill. SICK!

    This pig must face justice. I applaud LA law enforcement for getting him! Kc

  2. Yeah, lets pretend like we don't know how the currupt US justice system works. It's ture that Polanski pled guilty... IN A PLEA BARGIN. The politically ambitious, publicity hound of a judge then announed that he would not abide by the plea bargin and talked about 50 years.

    As for her being "pre-pubescent", that is a lie. Feel free to google images of Samantha Geimer from that time. "pre-pubescent" is not how any normal person would describe her. Samantha Geimer has repeatedly asked that this matter be dropped.

    The fact that people need to describe his "guilty plea" without context, and describe his victim as "pre-pubescent" only reinforces my view that this is a stupid case brought by a system that let OJ walk. Where someone like Barnie Frank is respected instead of in jail. Where Barack Hussien Obama is the President.

  3. This nutbag isn't as rich as Polanski and is therefore not entitled to liberal protection.

    Obama has married his future to that of Hollywood lefties, so the Polanski affair certainly won't help. The Chosen One is looking at a terrible autumn this year with several initiatives on a collision course with failure. ( )

    It could be a great Thanksgiving for conservatives!

  4. Did you know that there are so many laws in the US, that the average American commits over 100 felonies a year without even knowing it. A prosecutor in the US could literally arrest anyone at any time if they really wanted to in this country.

  5. An excellent post by Observer, even though I disagree with his final conclusion. I admit to falling into the below categories:

    Because he made a moving film detailing the horrors of the Ghettos.

    Because I’m sticking up for the Jewish links of Polanski (not over anything else however).

    Because I feel the arrest was a farce and a well timed political stunt.

    Because I don't like that other Governments now selectively hand over citizens (or long term guests) to Washington way too easily in cases that are not critical. While failing to do so on critical cases. Remember that Mark Rich sat in the same country of Switzerland for many years before being pardoned by Clinton and the Swiss did nothing, and the US did nothing. It was all political. Justice had nothing to do with it then, as it has nothing to do with it now.

    If Polanski had any further blemish on his record after 31 years, I would say ‘book him’. But that is not the case. This is a stunt, pure and simple, and should not stand.


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