Saturday, August 01, 2009

MSNBC Cries 'Uncle'

For years now, the nut-job over at MSNBC, Keith Oblbermann, spent much of his evening broadcast trying to build up his weak ratings by bashing top rated, but oversized-ego, Bill O'Reilly over at Fox News.

For the longest time, Fox News ignored the nightly tirades, until they finally adopted a strategy of retaliating by going after GE (owners of MSNBC), and it's top executives. Bypassing any mention of the nut-job Olbermann. Fox has a bigger microphone than GE, and over time, Fox's campaign against GE began to have it's effect, with shareholders complaining about Olbermann at GE shareholder meetings and attacking the company brass for allowing an insane person to seriously damage the GE brand for a tiny rise in his own shows generally pathetic ratings. GE shares are already trading at historic lows and Shareholders (I am one of them), don't appreciate some crazy person like Olbermann driving our shares down even lower.

Finally, MSNBC/GE cried uncle by telling nut-job Olbermann to cool it. Fox reciprocated by toning down its embarrassing portrayals of GE and its top executives. Hopefully, GE can get back to the business of trying to benefit us shareholders and stop kowtowing to to a crazy guy.

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  1. Is it some crazy person like Olbermann that's driving down stock prices? Cause your blog says that it's actually Fox that's driving down stock prices.


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