Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Lord - Watch and Make Up Your Own Mind

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  1. Joe-These two dolts are another example that we're doomed.
    One says she really likes how Islam is all about peace. Ahem....She says how can you be violent when you're praying 5 x per day! Well, somehow they do it!! She might want to know about all the other converted Muslims plotting murder in US in the name of Islam.
    Same ignoramus can't quite put together that her Muslims brothers slaughtered 3000 fellow Americans in the name of her new religion. The interviewer might've asked how she resolves this paradox?
    I wonder, in this mosque, do the women pray separately from the men? Can her new husband pick up 3 extra wives and reach the max allowed of 4?
    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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