Sunday, July 12, 2009

American Jewish "Leaders" to Meet with the Israel-Hater in the White House That They Voted For

UPDATE: Obama to U.S. Jewish "leaders": Israel must engage in self-reflection. What an arrogant piece of S&#*! A man who sat for twenty years in the most vile, raciest, anti-Semitic church, thinks that Israel needs more "self-reflection."

American Jewish "leaders" (nobody elected them), are rushing to meet with the Israel-hater in the White House that they voted for overwhelmingly. Of course, nobody in this group will admit to their mind-numbing naivete; once again illustrating, like in 1944, that American Jewish Organizations and most American Jews cannot be depended on to defend the interests of the Jewish people. But they can be depended on to hit you up for money to pay for their jobs.

Israel needs to be self sufficient, and those 20% of us American Jews who actually support Israel, should express our monetary and moral support directly whenever possible, bypassing these American Jewish organizations.

Obama and his chief Middle East advisor and "spiritual mentor" for 20 years.

Paling around with every Jew-hating anti-Semite in the world while playing American Jews for the embarrassing suckers that they/we are.


  1. American Jews cannot be depended on the defend the interest on the Jewish people.

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  3. what israel-hater do you talk about? obama's not anti-israel, he is only more fair than previous presidents.


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