Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where is the CIA?

Below is raw footage of Iranian's taking to the streets today to demonstrate against the Ahamedinejad regime. They need to be supported right now. Now is the time for action... They need money, they need arms and organization to overthrow the Mullah's which they would gladly do if they had the resources, the leadership and the organizational abilities. They know what they want to do but have no idea how to go about achieving it. Where is Obama's CIA? Let's hope they are doing everything in their power to spark the counter-revolution. Let's hope they march on every government building, armed to the teeth and seize control by force from the oppressive Mullahs, arrest Ahmedinajad and the entire criminal gang holding Iran hostage since 1979. One can only dream.


  1. calm down, would ya? Forget about cia. You're not world's police. Iranians have voted as they wanted, face it. You can't love every single leader in foreign countries. Why would someone arrest mr ahmadinejad, the clear winner in last democratic election? Because you don't like him? Great logic.

  2. With President Barack Hussein- the Mullah in
    the White House, Mullahs of Iran need not fear
    US any more.


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