Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sad Update: Mossad Chief believes that Iranian protests will die out in a few days rather than escalate into a full blown revolution. Hey, one can still dream, right? Anyway, Mossad is going to look pretty stupid if he's wrong. The next few weeks will tell the story.

Let us pray for the forces of tolerance and pluralism in Iran, that they will muster the courage to overcome decades of radical-Islamic oppression and that the forces of religious and racial arrogance represented by the Mullah's and Ahamedinejad are defeated, and brought to trial on their knees for their crimes; For killing woman who are not "properly" dressed, for hanging homosexuals in the streets; for threatening to destroy another country; for financing and arming violent terrorists and seeking nuclear weapons to terrorize the world....

There are those who point out that this is a struggle between two factions of the same regime, and in fact that is how this ball got rolling. Yet by now it is clear that the "reformist" camp is seeking to throw off the Mullah regime all together, and that needs to be supported. Let us pray that the weak Obama administration will find the strength to speak out loudly and forcefully in favor of those fighting for real change, instead of hiding in confusion and monitoring which way the wind is blowing like the immoral cowards that they are.

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