Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Fires Inspecter General Because He's "Senile". Beck Gives Him The Test on Live TV

Barack Obama illegally fired an Inspector General who was investigating his close friend Kevin Johnson for fraud and abuse of funds. When confronted, the administration claims they fired him because he's senile. OH MY GOD!!! Anyway, Glen Beck gives the fired "senile" Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, the official government senility test on live TV. This is the funniest piece of TV I've seen in a while:


  1. OBAMA SUCKS. I don't how to say it any plainer than that. I can't wait until 2010 when we can weed out his Marxist allies from Congress AND GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Walpin is a real stand-up guy. More power to him. Beck did a great job of publicly shaming the worst POTUS in American history. I pray every day that this fraud occupying the WH, with his cronies, czars and bag-holders gets impeached, sooner, rather than later.


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