Friday, May 29, 2009

David Aaron Miller: Israel is a Banana Republic. Obama "May" Want 'Regime Change'

David Aaron Miller, one of the famous "Jew Boys" [US Jewish diplomats who work hard to sell Israel down the drain for "peace", but really in the name of their own careers]. Made the below extraordinary statement in Foreign Policy Magazine:

"What I'm beginning to see is that the Obama administration may be less concerned with actually getting to negotiations and an agreement and more interested in setting new rules and rearranging the furniture. They may have concluded that they can't get to a real two state solution with this prime minister [Netanyahu]. Maybe they want a new one? And the best way to raise the odds of that is to demonstrate that he can't manage Israel's most important relationship: with the U.S."

In other words, Israel is a banana republic whose democratically elected leadership "may" be changed by the US if they are not compatible with the current US administration. WOW! A direct challenge to Israeli sovereignty and democracy. And I love the way he frames his analysis in terms of questions and with words like "may". Kind of like: Some may wonder how safe David Aaron Miller may feel walking around the streets of Israel?


  1. And yet the Jew-haters will all insist that it's we who control the US.

  2. What an excellent observation by flaviarassen!


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