Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Polluting Newspaper Gets Government Tax Bailout

Washington State Democrats have decided to extend tax cuts to left wing newspapers. Technologically speaking it’s kind of like extending tax cuts to horse-buggy manufacturers in 1909 in the face of growing competition from the auto industry, only it’s much worse because the horse-buggy manufacturers were not in a position to promote the political agenda of a certain political party.

What makes this stink even more is that, in effect, they are also extending tax cuts to some of the worst polluters on the planet. Newspapers need trees chopped down for paper, that paper needs to be processed with all kinds of chemicals; Then massive amounts of ink from fossil fuel is applied and massive printing machines consume massive amounts of energy. A large fleet of carbon generating trucks burn endless amounts of gas to distribute the paper to every nook and cranny imaginable. And then when they are done polluting for the day, they start the polluting process all over again for the next day... every day. It’s truly disgusting and harmful to the environment. But hey, their on “our side”.

They should die off like the arrogant dinosaurs that they are and be made to get a real job:

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