Thursday, December 04, 2008

Zealots out of Control in Israel

I tend to be a supporter of the right of Jews to live anywhere in between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean sea. The idea that Arabs are allowed to live peacefully as a minority among Jews, but Jews are not allowed to live peacefully as a minority among Arabs is not a formula for peace. Demands by Arabs to be Judenrein is not an acceptable condition under any circumstance, and those diplomats who encourage the Judenrein formula are feeding the flames of hate, not peace.

Having said all of that, the settler movement in Israel is contaminated with large numbers of separatists who do not embrace the democratic process and who have no desire to live in peace with their Arab neighbors or with the Israeli government. many see themselves as a separate and distinct community, unaccountable to the law or to anything other than their own religious fervor. To avoid a catastrophe, These people need to be brought back into the fold with extreme prejudice if necessary.

Israel cannot allow itself to be dictated to by the exact kind of Zealots who brought on the great revolt and catastrophe of 66 to 70 CE.

Update: I am happy to see that the Jerusalem Post agrees with me completly in its latest editorial.

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