Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing?

This is an absolutely stunning article in Ha'aretz:

After Olmert updated Bush on Israel's indirect talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad, the U.S. president demanded, "Why do you want to give Assad the Golan for nothing?" the sources said.

"It's not for nothing," Olmert insisted. "It's in exchange for a change in the region's strategic alignment."

Bush persisted: "Why should you believe him?" And to that, Olmert did not reply.
That an American President would mock the naivete of an Israeli Prime Minister is a first. Usually it's the other way around. Either Ehud Olmert is on drugs or he has completely lost his mind. Bush was right to call him on it.

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  1. Too true. Olmert is a disgrace. Hopefully Bibi Netanyahu will be elected to give some real leadership. If leaders of Omert's ilk persist in ruling Israel there will no longer be an Israel to rule.


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