Sunday, November 16, 2008

McCain to Meet With Obama Tomorrow, As Rumors Swirl Around a Possible Secretary of Defense Appointment for McCain

I highly doubt these rumors. They make for high drama but usually turn out to be nothing but crock. On the other hand, why is McCain traveling tomorrow to meet with Obama? What is so urgent and important that couldn't wait until after inauguration? Or at least until after Obama settles on his cabinet? McCain is not the Republican leader in the Senate, that would be Mitch McConnell. If as claimed, Obama wants to discuss a legislative agenda as is the official excuse for the meeting tomorrow, wouldn't it be more appropriate to talk to Mitch McConnell? Hmmmmm.... Anyway, I hope that any deal McCain cuts with Obama, includes shelter for Joe Lieberman who went way out on a limb for McCain, and could lose his chairmanship of the homeland security committee because of it.


  1. It is interesting indeed. I actually think McCain could be a good Defense Secretary due to his stance on the surge. I also hope Lieberman isn't thrown under the bus by the Democrats.

  2. A good strategy,"Republican DefSec would insulate the Dems from military actions that go south."It's the Repubs fault" could be the Obama mantra if he deploys Repubs wisely.

  3. This would be a NIGHTMARE Scenario. This would GUARENTEE a Democrat SUPER-MAJORITY. The replacement of Senator McCain, will be appointed by a Democrat Governor-- So much for ANY Republican say in the Congress.

  4. Oh, how I wish it would be Sec. of Def. McCain. Alas, I also wish for Karl Rove to keep his nose out of GOP leadership, but that'll happen when the retail market soars the day after Thanksgiving, this year. It would make me feel safer to have McCain in the Upper Eschalons of the Obamagasm, that somehow the leftist illuminati truly are committed to keeping up the appearance of bipartisanship...alas, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus.


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