Sunday, November 16, 2008

Israel and Germany Develop Nuclear Missile Warning System

I always find it interesting when Israel and Germany collaborate on some project, given the history. In this case, the two jointly developed a system that will apparently be capable of distinguishing between nuclear-tipped missiles and conventional missiles in a missile barrage that may consist of both in order to confuse. This will theoretically allow a missile defense system to single out and target the nuclear tipped missile while the incoming conventional missiles are treated with less priority.


  1. A very interesting piece of news, thanks for posting.

  2. Isreal has a tendency to want to sell very sophisticated weapons systems to very unsavory nations that directly threaten US interests.Isreal wanted to sell American supplied AWACS tech to China that threatens Taiwan and now sophisticated UAVs to Russia that is threatening EVERYBODY.How long til this tech goes on the auction block?

  3. It is a mistake to presume that Israel gets all of it's technology from the US. Israel sells the US billions in high-tech every years (both public and private sector). Every phone call that you make on your cell phone you can thank Israel. The Cell phone was developed by Motorola Israel. It's truly a to-way street. Israel was for many years way ahead of the US in UAV technology. The US has since caught and surpassed Israel in that field, but certainly any UAV tech that Israel sells Russia will not involve US technology. I agree with you completly that Israel should give the US every special consideration in any arms deal it makes with potential US enemies, just as the US gives Israel special consideration when it sells arms to countires like Saudi Arabia and Eygpt, which are potential threats to Israel.

  4. While Israel's selling of arms to dictatorships is disappointing, it is an unpleasant fact that pretty much all democracies indulge in it. One of the things I admire about the neocon ideology is that this is seen as the stupid thing it is, be the dictatorship in question be Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia or whatever.


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