Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GM, Ford and Chrysler Seeking Lifestyle Support From The Taxpayer

This is just too rich not to comment on. GM, Chrysler and Ford executives all flew to Washington in their separate private luxury jets yesterday to plead for a taxpayer bailout of their inefficient, mismanaged, dinosaur companies. They couldn't even bring themselves to plane-pool. While the big three pay their fat union workers more than double what foreign manufacturers pay, with a straight face, they warn of a "catastrophe" if the taxpayer doesn't pony up $25 BILLION immediately to maintain their lifestyles. How about selling your fleet of private jets first? of course, the UAW and indeed the state of Michigan went for the democrats as usual, then they come groveling for Republican support for a bailout. Their friend Barney Frank openly states that failing to bail out the Auto industry with taxpayer money would be the same as busting the union. WOW!

The Obama accountability clock is ticking


  1. Joe-This level of excess is more typical than the public might think. Those at the top of these auto makers really believe they are royalty. Many are completely out of touch.
    For a small example, I knew a high ranking Ford exec who relayed a story of when Ford's Chairmen at the time, needed to take a potty break at a public restroom, he sent a team of Vice Presidents to clear the restroom so the king could poop in private. True story.
    Furthermore, I personally knew one import exec who insisted on ONLY flying the Concord to Europe. He demanded at meeting lunches that his vegetables not touch the chicken. If it did, there was hell to pay. Teams of employees worried that the slighest travel inconvenience would make him explode in anger. Careers could be ruined if this exec did not have the proper health food bars in his hotel room.
    No wonder these companies are tanking, the execs have not a clue about the market, their employees and their customers.
    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  2. The guys at work were talking about this and I asked a simple question that shut them all up "why is the high school drop out at GM worth $80 an hour and the high school graduate at the diner where he eats only worth minimum wage?".


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