Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama Cult of Personality Continues

Now what would posses a person to spend weeks sculpting a gigantic face of Obama into gravel and sand on a beach in Barcelona Spain? This is simply not normal human behavior. This is not just a normal love. I could understand it if a major achievement had been accomplished other than just getting himself elected.
These types of examples are going on everywhere around the world. The Island of Antigua are in the process of renaming the Islands highest mountain after the Illinois Senator. It's embarrassing. Perhaps the Messiah should ask his starry-eyed worshipers to knock it off at least until something has been accomplished? Something?

Radical Gays turn on African Americans in LA

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for 'careless' joke


  1. Creepy eyes, man. I wonder if they make airline pilots feel like they follow them across the sky.

    It's just more egregious examples of the liberal elite in the media having spread the gospel of the new president elect far and wide.

    It's sad: how are other world leaders supposed to feel, now? ;)

    Chavez to his own socialist illuminati: "you there, go draw a large picture of me on the beach!"


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