Friday, November 07, 2008

Another First: Obama News Conference from "Office of the President Elect"

I may be wrong but I think this is the first time that the term "Office of the President Elect" has ever been used, and this surely is the first time that a President elect speaks from an "Office of the President Elect" podium with the Presidential Seal on it. The desperate need for premature symbolism is , ah... interesting. This just gets weirder and weirder.


  1. Joe-This man has been elected for 3 days and media already has him in office. He believes he is the Messiah, coming to save us. Dangerous in his megalomania.

    Further, media is breathlessly reporting how he's being briefed on the financial mess; as if this man whose entire business experience is running a campaign could possibly have a solution. Whoops. Sorry, he does: more taxes and regulations.

    I am counting the days after inaguration when he announces he's had financial briefing and that situation so dire he's canned the middle class tax cuts and instead must raise taxes! I recall Clinton didn't wait, he announced tax increase before he was President.

    Even sadder is the reaction of conservatives, hoping that BHO once enthroned will lead from the center. Fat chance. Aint' gonna happen.

    This man is trained in the ways of expanding radical liberalism. Why would he change now that's he's made it to the top? He won't.

    He campaigned on raising taxes and squeezing energy companies like coal producers into bankrupcy. Normally, libs have to lie about their intent. He was open and honest in his intent. US public foolish enough to elect him, now we're gonna get liberalism undiluted. Hold on to your wallet.

    Here's a question for your green crowd: If BHO kills of coal which supplies 49% of all utility electricity, how will libs power their electro hybrids? Swtichgrass?

    Same libs complain that we're losing our industrial base. GM burning $billions/month in negative cash flow. It CANNOT raise enough cash to survive without BK protection. Tens of thousands of jobs already destroyed by green lobby, thousands more at risk. Will libs backoff MPG requirements long enough for GM to re-tool, so GM can save jobs? I doubt it.

    We're doomed! I guess hundreds of thousands of UAW workers need to get retrained in the ways of community organizing.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  2. The freakin' Socialist bastard even had the unmitigeated gall to take a cheap shot at the eighty seven year old widow of a former President.AUDACITY my ass the Socialist scum.

  3. Oh...but he apologised to the former First Lady. Ugh!

    Also, has anyone checked out his website? We can go there to share our stories from the election, and read official announcements from "The Office of the President Elect". Jeez, his ego is growing faster than the national debt or the population of India.

    5 days later and I'm still in a state of shock. This is a man who changes his views constantly, votes for late term abortion then against helping babies who survive, who says he wants clean energy then votes against it, who says he wants to join us together then drives wedges...who even said he did not feel he would be experienced enough to run for President, then on a heady rush of the power that could be decided to run anyway.
    As if there weren't enough government programs and spending already, we get to look forward to his proposed programs such as Universal Health Care, College tuition for Service, his readjustment of taxes and distribution of wealth, etc.He even want's to try and push through programs where Jr High schoolers will do community service. Wonder if the next thing will be mandatory service in his secret police squad!

  4. Um since when are President-elect, Senator-elect, Representative-elect, Governor-elect ... actually offices?


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