Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell's Racist Endorsement

As I predicted a few days ago, Powell endorsed Obama. Some ask a very simple question: When was the last time Colin Powell ever endorsed a white liberal Democrat for high office? Answer? NEVER! What is the logical deduction? Powell's sudden endorsement of the most liberal member of the United States Senate was based on race, and race alone.

Another possibility is that Powell was always an Obama-like liberal himself but has been pretending to be a Republican for his own career advancement, which would make him a complete phony.


  1. What a joke. This is one of the most respected Army generals in the country. Watch the video and you'll see his decision is based on a calculated assessment of the two candidates' skills, campaign decisions and intelligence. Fortunately, there are people who value intellect above folksiness -- although we did put a folksy candidate into the White House once before (and the Supreme Court did it for us the time before that).

    Cheers to Four Years of Great Sex

  2. Gen Powell says we can't afford 2 more Supremes like Roberts and Alito. This comment pretty much sums up Powell: only Libs need apply.
    So, 2 top cons thinkers are deemed unacceptable, but those like Ginsburg and Breyer, who gave us sodomy as a privacy right, are good for the US. The sodomny as a privacy right, opened the door to same sex marriage. Thanks, libs.

    F. Garvin, S.J., Ph.D.

  3. This is so interesting to me, even my black conservative friends are voting for Obama, and I keep reminding them that Obama and his lefty illuminati morals and values are the opposite of them and I am sitting there thinking they are racist for voting for him just because he is black, but if I said that aloud, then I would be the racist right?

  4. This is actually really simple: Please name a single white liberal democrat that Colin Powell has ever enorsed over the many years. YOU CAN'T: Not Kerry, not Dukakis, not Carter, not Mondale, not even Clinton... no one. Only liberal Barack Obama was worthy of his endorsment. Why? There is only one thing that is different about Barack Obama (other than the fact that he is even further to the left). One thing. RACE.

  5. And please notice how liberals are suddenly calling Powell "the most respected former US general" when it was only a short while ago that Colin Powell was described as a "war criminal" by th left for being the voice of the administration for invading Iraq. He was the one who spoke at the UN and made the case for WMD's in Iraq and the need to invade. So suddenly Powell goes from "war criminal" to the "most respected". Wow! It's amazing what a racist endorsment will do for your image.

  6. Racism means applying different standards to different races. Please identify a white conservative that Joe Lieberman has supported in the past. Why is it that Joe Liberman is accepted at his word, but not Colin Powell? I am a 56 year old African American male and I think you need to find a better source of information about the black community. Despite Powell's role in getting us into a war that many believe was unnecessary, the respect he had in our community was not diminished at all. I come from a family full of life-long Democrats. We often wondered why the general was a Republican, but he always had our respect. Contrast that to the some of the blog posts I see here and elsewhere that now denigrate the man because he did nothing more than what Joe Lieberman did. But only Powell is accused of doing it based on skin color. and right wingers wonder why blacks vote Democratic over 90% of the time...

  7. Dear Anthony,
    Lieberman took a huge political risk very early on by supporting McCain and had no political incentive to do so other than principle. Lieberman has had a long history of working across the aisle, Powell was never really in a "political" position to worry about partisanship at all since he was never elected to public office. Powell on the other hand has taken NO risk by endorsing Obama. On the contrary, it was a politically opportunistic and racist move. a few months ago he openly talked about how "the election of an African American would be electrifying!" If he had endorsed Obama early on, not at the end of this election when it appears that Obama will win, that may have been different in terms of political opportunism. As for race, Can you imagine any white person saying "the election of McCain will be electrifying for caucasian-Americans"? I love you brother but you need to see through all of this and open your mind a bit.

    The fact that well over 90% of African Americans are voting for Obama should tell you everything you need to know. The numbers don't lie. A 95% vote is unquestionably a racist vote. You want to tell me that 95% of African Americans agree on policy? I can't get 95% of my own family to agree on policy and you want us to believe that millions of African Americans, 95% of them, are voting for Barack because of.... his policies! Seriously? Good lord!

    If only half of the African American community knew the history of the Democratic party they would bolt. The Party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow.... While the Republican party was founded to abolish slavery, led a war at the cost of hundreds of thousands of mostly white peoples lives to abolish slavery, and later opposed Jim Crow. Get your history right.

    As for the Colin Powell photo being photoshoped (as mention by you in another post). that too is a lie. You can easily find a series of these photos taken by the AP at a recent event in London to fight poverty in Africa.

    There is only one legitimate race-based reason that would justify an African American vote for Obama in my view, and that is this: SO THAT AFRICAN-AMERICA KIDS CAN SEE THAT THEY CAN BECOME ANYTHING THEY PUT THEIR MINDS TO. If I was an African American parent, that would be a serious consideration for me. All of the other stuff relating to policy should not justify even half the African American vote.
    Joe Gelman

  8. I also forgot to mention that Lieberman endorsed McCain long before Obama ever became the Democratic nominee and was just a longshot candidate against Hillary.


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