Monday, October 13, 2008

CNN Admonish Black Person for Supporting McCain

How dare you not vote by race? And notice how CNN complain about McCain's "tone" as this guy is receiving death threats from Obama supporters:


  1. Ignoring a hundred plus years of horrible, institutionalized bigotry and intimidation, the idea of a lockstep black voter base is ludicrous in its own right. Note, I was talking about Democratic racisim.

    "Toe that line" - I love how the CNN spokesperson made the comment about Democrats and African-Americans not being monolithic, and then, ignoring that idea, asking how JT Harris could support McCain? How can you express those two thoughts in the same breath and not laugh?

    Free thought, just as long as it's just like what I think. We're not asking you to give up free will, just think and act like the rest of us.

    Big brother is alive and well, and he's in deep trouble if Rezko sings and / or the economy picks up.

  2. To some the 14th, 15th & 16th Amendments are meaningless, you're free from all forms of physical slavery except now you're a slave to the Democrat party or you're guilty of treason and deserve scorn or worse.Strange concept of what freedom means.


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