Monday, August 25, 2008

Biden: Barack and I Were Tested For AIDS

Obama: Let me make it clear that it was Michelle and I who were tested for AIDS, not Senator Biden and I. Now Biden may have been tested as he says, but that has noting to do with our close, personal relationship.

I don't know what's funnier, Biden's insensitivity or Obama’s Homophobia

Debbie Schlussel points to the fantastic head of hair that Joe Biden has "grown" in the last 20 years:


  1. No wonder Obambi won't release his Med records!!

  2. Why are they getting tested for AIDS? I am oh so happy to hear my potential Presidential team talking about getting tested for STD's! How low are our standards going to GET? I'm glad my dear departed Dad wasn't here to hear THAT crap!

    This is ridiculous.

  3. Wasn't there some guy that said he and Obama had had homosexual sex? And, could that be why his wife suggested they both get tested for AIDS?


    Does this speak volumes about Obama's possible past activity? Most who have an honorable monogamous relationship would never require AIDS testing.

  4. If I am not mistaken, in fairness, Obama did his AIDS test during a visit to Africa in order to set an example for locals where AIDS is a huge problem. I don't believe his test was related in any way to issues relating to his personal life.

  5. I've heard "Politics makes strange bed fellows".

    M. Wilcox


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