Monday, August 11, 2008

As the World Burns... Obama Vacations

Vladimir Putin capitalises on US ambivalence

Earlier, I pointed out that President Bush is enjoying the Olympics as Russia invades and occupies a key US ally that sent thousands of troops to support us in Iraq. Of course, Barack Obama is on vacation, nowhere to be found. His first statement on the subject was to call on "both sides" to halt the violence. BOTH SIDES! He has since come around to calling on Russia to withdraw, but his initial "BOTH SIDES" reaction is certainly telling. Anyway, before quickly returning to his vacation Obama then called on the UN to force an immediate end to the violence. Apparently the inexperienced Obama doesn't know that Russia holds veto privileges at the UN Security Council and is not likely to vote to force itself to do anything it doesn't want.

The State Department continues to use the silly term "disproportionate response" to describe Russia's invasion. Of course, "disproportionate response" is interpreted to mean that a lessor military invasion would have been "proportional".

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