Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama: US is “Terrorizing Communities"

Obama finally discovers terrorists that he can strongly oppose:

To Obama it's not about enforcing immigration law, it's about the US terrorizing communities.


  1. This person ( i am being polite) should be tried as a traitor.

  2. No comment about the terrorism of MS13 and the other latino gangs proliferating across the nation he wants to be President of,guess all the career politician care more about non-Americans than about Americans.

    M. Wilcox

  3. Well apparently it’s clear. If you’re a terrorist, Obama’s your man. He’ll soon be giving Iraq to you. If you’re in the US illegally, Obama’s your man, he’ll soon be giving America to you.

    If you’re an American, Obama has something for you too. A hefty tax increase and four years of venomous race relations debate. So much to look forward to.

    He also has something else for you. A kick in the butt to learn a new language, so you can communicate with the 12 million Illegal Aliens he’ll be providing blanket amnesty for.

    Yeah, that’s CHANGE alright.

    At least America is getting a glimps of who he really is, instead of the phoney centrist persona his campaign has been painting him to be.

    Danny Vice


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