Monday, July 14, 2008

More NJDC Past Attacks on Obama's New Buddy Hagel

Update: Obama to Visit with Fatah in the West Bank during his upcoming trip to the Middle East

I am in complete agreement with the National Jewish Democratic Council's (NJDC's) disgust with Senator Hagel. They point out the following on their web page:

U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel told an Arab-American audience that his support for Israel was not "automatic." "First, I am an American senator," Hagel told the AAI audience in Washington on Wednesday, to applause. He also said he would not sacrifice his friendships in the Arab world to please pro-Israel groups.
Of course, nobody has asked for his "automatic" support for Israel, and nobody has asked that he sacrifice his "friendships in the Arab world". Many supporters of Israel in congress have friendships in the Arab world, as they should. And by pointing out that "first, I am an American Senator", his implication is that supporters of Israel in this country are not as "American" as he is. All of this was said while pandering in front of an Arab American Institute audience. How brave.

Anyway, I know that our friends at the National Jewish Democratic Council are honest and principled people, and will not suddenly change their tune now that Hagel appears to be taking an active roll in the Obama campaign, and has been mentioned as a possible VP candidate, or a Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State in an Obama administration. I know that the NJDC will distance themselves from anyone who would bring Chuck Hagel into their inner Obama now has. I await the NJDC's announcement that they are appalled by the anti-Israel Hagel's new roll in the Obama campaign....waiting....waiting....anyone?

NJDC Criticizes Senator Hagel for Refusing to Call on EU to add Hezbollah to List of Terrorist Organizations.

NJDC: Indecisive Senator Hagel has Questionable Israel Record

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