Wednesday, July 09, 2008

CNN Bends Over Backwards for Jackson Apology

CNN Just interviewed Jessie Jackson and allowed him to apologize at length for apparent disparaging remarks that he made (something to do with cutting Obama's nuts off) about Barack Obama while speaking to another person in front of a Fox News microphone he thought was off.

CNN then refused to inform the viewers exactly what those remarks were! They wouldn't even describe the remarks. Talk about Bending over backwards to help Jessie in his time of need. I wonder who else would be accorded this type of courtesy from CNN? Anyone with an (R) behind their name maybe?

Anyway, this is a mild version of what Jackson said. Apparently, Fox News cut out the real nasty stuff, not suitable for family TV:


  1. They really did bend over, and Jackson refused an interview on O'Reilly.

  2. The local news here showed it. He said (in so many words, not an exact quote but going by my memory) whenever he hears about Barack Obama talking down to black people and speaking about his faith he just wants to cut his nuts off. Jesse Jackson is a f*cking disgrace. I'm no Obama fan but I HATE Jesse Jackson.


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