Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Neocon Likely to Endorse McCain

As readers of this blog know, months ago, I endorsed Giuliani for President recognizing him to be an imperfect candidate, but most allied with our Neocon principles. The readers of this blog also know that I had been a supporter and contributor of John McCain in the 2000 primary process.

My candidate, Giuliani, has not fared as well as many of us would have wished for a variety of reasons; the first of which was his horrible campaign strategy to skip all of the early contests. It is what it is. Given this reality following Florida, now is the time for Giuliani to drop out of the race and endorse John McCain, and I fully expect him to do so in the coming days. That means that I too will be transferring my support from Giuliani to John McCain and encourage others to do the same.

I understand that many of my fellow conservatives dislike John McCain. Now is the time to face reality, show maturity and work with the candidate to secure a future that does not include Hillary as President of the United States. Now is also the time for McCain to work ceaselessly to create the classic winning coalition of all Conservatives; economic, security and social Conservatives. All of which are crucial elements if victory in November is to be secured.

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