Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Neocon Endorses McCain!

We are happy to extend our official endorsement to Senator John McCain. I find the hysterical reaction to McCain by some fellow conservatives distasteful. A true American war hero, pro-life and a real leader, not a slick pretender and fancy talker who has never done anything (like many of his critics from the Holy Church of "conservatisim"). To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt: It is the man in the arena who counts, not the yappers in the bleachers. Some of my fellow conservatives tend to confuse strong opinions with action, courage or achievment. Yes, McCain is imperfect, as all of us are, and I don't agree with all of his past efforts on immigration, campaign finance or the 'no vote' on the Bush tax cuts. But on balance he has a conservative voting record and is an attractive candidate with an unbeatable resume and a wide appeal in the general public, which is exactly what we need right now. Most importantly, he truly gets the threat of radical Islam and has the longest resume on National Security issues, which is this site's top concern. JOHN McCAIN FOR PRESIDENT!

Breaking: Schwarzenegger to Endorse McCain
Giuliani Endorses McCain
Conservative TX Gov. Perry Endorses John McCain

A quick note: I have a lot of respect for Mitt Romney who seems to be an articulate and attractive candidate. But I don't think that having Bay Buchanan as his spokesperson helps him, especially because most people associate her with her brother Pat who is not a Republican nor a conservative, but another one of those yappers in the bleachers.


  1. Hooray! Bravo!

    I defended McCain here:

    I don't see how anyone who says they will take any action which might help a Democrat become president in 2008 can honestly call themselves "conservative."

  2. I voted for McCain in the 2000 primary and have been heartened by his strong support of the military, our mission in Iraq and the surge.

    Although I was a Giuliani supporter I also understand political realities and I will certainly vote for whomever the GOP nominee ends up being.

    That does not mean I have to be happy with the nominee. John McCain has a lot of flaws and isn't what you would call a Goldwater conservative, however the Democratic alternative would be a disaster for the country, especially if the Dems retain control of Congress, which is likely.

    If the GOP is unable to maintain enough seats in the Senate to keep the Dems from forcing cloture on their liberal agenda, then the country is likely to move left with huge new social programs and expansions of the ones we now have. God help us!

  3. Dear Joseph, from F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.: I'm going to dissent from your McCain support, although I understand how you feel.
    I remember the pro-Israel event you invited me to in OC and McCain spoke. The guy was fantastic. I still recall he was very funny.
    No matter, the guy is a disaster for Republicans. Yeah, he might win, but will be far worse than Bush has been in ripping the Rep Party apart.
    #1 reason I'm against him: McCain-Kennedy amnesty sham he tried shoving down our throats less than a year ago. Yeah, Bush was for it too, so were many go-along Repubs. so afraid of Mexicans voting against them. Enforcing the border and laws might keep Mexicans from voting in the first place. His proposal allowed millions to get precious US citizenship or stay here legally forever. What's the value of anything if it's free? Because legal Americans couldn't stand the heat of enforcing the law, we should roll over and grant legal status so these people could come out from the shadows. It demonstrated that massive law breaking pays. Why should we believe that M-K would be enforced this time around when previously laws were ignored? Let's enforce the stack of laws we have now, then see how that works. Oh yeah, Mexicans would've then gotten on the SS dole even when the program faces insolvency. Madness!
    McCain's against torture of the savage Jihadis we capture. I'm FOR torture if it works in saving Americans. I'll leave that decision to the ones charged with keeping us safe. It seemed to work on KSM, the masterming of 9/11mass murder.
    McCain wants to close Gitmo and bring Jihadis into our criminal justice system, giving them all the legal benefits of common criminals. Think each Jihadi with a pro bono lawyer looking to set new precedent. Never in time of war has this been accepted.
    Since McCain seems so concerned about what Euro weenies and NYT thinks we should do re: Jihadis, I suggest he look into what Jihadis do when they capture our boys in uniform. Jihadis don't seen to buy the idea that they should treat our guys with same love and care we show theirs @ Gitmo.
    The final disgrace is McCain-Feingold, the greatest erosion in 1st Amendment in history. He said it would take the $ out of politics. Instead we get MoveOn and other lib groups with zero accountability running the Dems. Unaccountables, like Soros, pull the strings and uber-rich like Romney and Corzine in NJ can outspend the opposition. M-F instead results in less competion and freedom.
    Oh yeah, one more: the Gang of 14. Here we had McCain and his butt buddy Lindsey Graham hand cuffing Bush on nomination of consvs. to the court.
    In the coming weeks, McCain will make nice to gullible consvs. so desperate to get him to say he loves them. For many this will work, but not me.
    Other than war, McCain is little different than libs. Oh yeah, one more final insult: Global Warming. Sure, let's destroy our economy in pursuit of a hoax, while ChiComms and Indians run us over.
    Joe, I'm sitting this one out.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  4. I will vote for Romney tomorrow, as will most of by "blogbuddies." If I were a bona fide "Mittman," the blogosphere would have heard about it months ago. But I do think he's the better of the two. If there's still time and a reason for it, after tomorrow perhaps I'll tell the blogosphere why I think so.

    Of course I'm sensitive to what "the conservative movement" needs from any presidential candidate in order to back him in good faith. A movement is not a party - and activists have an obligation to pressure the party to respond to the movement.

    John McCain played an important role in allowing me, as a former leftwinger, to consider the Republican Party as an option (and not "the enemy"). People like me should feel privileged just to be able to walk in his shadow. I do. Thanks for the video clip, I hadn' seen it.

  5. btw, Bay Buchanan's anti-Rodham Clinton book (The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton) was quite good. Pat's an important writer, too, even if he left the GOP. Disagree with them if you do, but disrespect them at your peril.


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