Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Palestinian PM Fayad: "Killing Terrorists is a Crime!"

Sequence of events:
1) The US announces $500,000,000 in aid to the Palestinian Authority.
2) Palestinian Islamic Jihad fires rockets into Israeli town from Gaza.
3) In response, Israeli Air force Attacks Car killing the leader of Islamic Jihad.
4) Palestinian Authority PM calls Israeli counter-attack "a crime and act of aggression against the Palestinian people."

So let's summarize this week so far:
1) Firing rockets into Israel is not worth a mention, and certainly not a "crime".
2) Israel Killing terrorists firing the rockets into its cities is a "crime" and "act of aggression".
3) So let's give a whole bunch of money to the Palestinian Authority.

It's just another week in the Middle East.

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