Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review: August Rush

In short, an absolute MUST SEE! A little Corny, unabashedly sentimental but only in the most positive sense of those terms. A fantastic "family-values" film; I'm amazed it got past the Hollywood PC censors. The hoards of lefty critics are going to hate this film and everything it stands for. A powerful anti-abortion statement (however unintentional). A modern-day classic Charles Dickens-like tale. Two attractive, young, imperfect yet highly talented musicians meet by chance and get carried away by their passions. A child is conceived and unbeknown to the father, the mother decides to carry it to term. However, following an accident she delivers the baby under emergency circumstances while unconscious. Her career-obsessed father arranges for the new-born to be put up for adoption and later informs his distraught daughter that her baby died in the accident. The rest of the film deals with the heart-wrenching journey over a period of years, of the child and his two parents to find each other through music and a strong sub-conscious, unexplainable force that draws them emotionally and geographically together in the gradual convergence of a family that was originally denied...but was meant to be. Anyone who is unmoved by this powerful film should be denied access to movie theaters because they would be one cold-hearted, stone-cynical SOB (which describes most film critics). I give this one five stars. Bravo!

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