Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buchanan: Purge the Neocons!

It's the end of Pat Buchanan's America:Wow! Bearish on his own country; a preacher of doom and gloom; the prince of pessimism, Pat Buchanan has a new book out and he quickly gets down to identifying our real problem: the Neocons. He calls for "purging" people like me. Usually, when Pat refers to "neocons," he means Joooos. The man simply can't help himself. In Pat's world, folks like me are not entitled to compete freely in the open marketplace of ideas, instead, we should be PUUUUURGED to make way for a more "pure" himself of course. Thanks Pat.

Mental Illness: Woman Aborts Child To Help 'Save' the Planet from "global warming".


  1. Here, in France, (actually I live in Switzerland, but I'm french, nobodoy's perfect LOL) we had a writer, thinker, Philippe Muray, who died last year who invented the word "stalinostalgia".

    I can't help but think the word "purge" is far too often linked with "stalinism", don't you think ?

    Atlantistly yours

    Agnus_Cybion, european neocon

  2. Of course, the European Neocon is absolutly correct!


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