Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update on Syrian Air Strike:

For the first time, before and after satellite photo's are available of the target hit by Israeli aircraft in Syria on September 6th. The structure on the left is a suspected North Korean designed nuclear reactor. the photo on the right, taken recently, indicates that Syria has expeditiously (and suspiciously) cleared the site, as if they were in a big hurry to hide something. Notice how the entire area around the facility has been charred as a result of the air strike (or is that just a difference in the film?), and the area where the building stood has been cleared and graded. Also remember that the Syrians originally claimed that the Israelis dropped bombs in the empty desert after being "chased off" by Syrian anti-aircraft defenses and that nothing was hit. They later revised that statement to: "the Israelis bombed a civilian desert research facility." That has now been revised again to; "the Israelis bombed an empty military building." The fact that the Syrian story keeps changing raises even greater suspicions.


  1. Israel is gonna haf' to completely cut off all supplies to the Gaza Strip. Either that, or re-take it.

    If it's willing to hit Syria, it has to do the former, as well.

    Also, how is it gonna get those missing troops back?

  2. do not mess the Mossad. They enjoy hunting and killing these guys


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