Saturday, October 27, 2007

Suspected Top-Secret Syrian Nuke Facility Easily Spotted on Google Earth...for all to see

I did a quick search on Google Earth, and easily found the suspected facility that was bombed (although I wasn't sure that that was the exact facility until viewing the published images). Here's how to find it on Google Earth: Simply go along the Euphrates River following it northeast starting from the Iraqi-Syrian border in a straight line for a little over 109 miles. You will immediately notice that both sides of the Euphrates River are covered with cultivated fields. Suddenly, after about 107 aerial miles from the Iraqi-Syrian border you will notice that there is a gap in heavy agricultural activity for a distance of about 4 miles as the river cuts through a more mountainous terrain. In this area there are about eight small wadi's (canyons, or washes) that run into the Euphrates from both east and west. The facility in question is located smack-dead, deep in the middle of the second canyon (on the eastern, or right side of the Euphrates) when one is looking from south to north.

The large square structure in the center is the suspected North Korean designed reactor, and there are also a number of other structures, and what appears to be a pumping station. The suspected reactor is about 50 yards or a half a football field in each direction, and seems to be a tall structure given the shadow that it produces compared to other structures in the area. The entire facility is tucked away in the center of this canyon about 800 yards from the east bank of the Euphrates in a very remote location, and would not be visible at ground level from any direction unless you're in the canyon itself; there clearly appears to be some kind of security perimeter around the entire canyon. The location next to the Euphrates River would make sense because of the need for large amounts of water for cooling the reactors core. Any person in the world with a computer could have pulled up this suspicious facility on Google Earth prior to the September 6th raid, unfortunately, unlike myself, only a trained eye would truly grasp what they were looking at, and undoubtedly, additional corroborative evidence was obtained prior to initiating a risky raid.

UPDATE: Having gone over old satellite images, experts now believe that this suspected secret Syrian nuclear facility has been under development since 2001, almost seven years now! If true, Syria has been in serious violation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), of which it is a signatory.

Of course, had the IAEA known about this facility, an endless game of political cat and mouse would have ensued, and nothing would have been done about it, just as nothing is being done about Iran's nuclear program. The Israelis were absolutely correct in avoiding making this public, or going to the UN. Had they done that, Syria would have been alerted, taken counter measures and would be well on their way to producing nuclear weapons. The correct course of action was to eliminate the threat with extreme prejudice in one decisive act, and that is exactly what they did. The UN and IAEA can whine as much as they want. One might ask what the IAEA is going to with regard to Syria now that they know what has transpired. My guess is the usual...nothing.

Below is an aerial photo of a North Korean Nuclear facility. Note the signature square containment structure:

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  1. The next time that you lie, make sure that the actual trained eyes aren't watching you.


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