Friday, September 07, 2007

Zogby Poll: 42% of Democrats think Bush caused 9/11... or let it happen

It's official now, the party suspected of collective mental illness has been polled and found to be mentally insane. Good lord! I hope Zogby is way off. Or perhaps it's just me?

In a story related to Democrats and mental illness, a leading Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, a fugitive from justice (is there any other kind?), "freaked out" on a train and was arrested in Western Colorado.

Democrat goes berserk: "Anti-war" lefty kills civilian thinking he was soldier.


  1. Liberalism is truly a mental disease. At its core it is gutless. It virtually requires mental weakness to perpetuate its core falsehoods. This poll that Dems/Libs believe Bush was behind 911 is just one more piece of evidence.
    OBL has claimed publically that he did it, that KSM admitted same.
    Here's the question that ends the argument with libs: If Bush were complicit with OBL, why wouldn't OBL publically name Bush as his partner? If OBL did, Dems/Libs would have an orgy of impeachment proceedings of every Republican possible.
    Why hasn't OBL done this? Because it is not true. End of story. Jihadists pulled it off and both a loose and tight network of fellow Jidhadists are plotting to today top 911. Libs worry about Bush. Sane persons worry about Islamo-savages.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  2. As usualy Dr. Garvin, S.J. has it right...because he's Dr. Garvin....Male genius.


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