Monday, September 17, 2007

Telegraph: America Prepares for war with Iran

Interesting article today in the Telegraph. It seems that the UK press is all over this issue, as they are on the recent Israeli air strike in Syria. The US press is lagging far behind. Unless the US press picks up some momentum on the subject, when the #@&! hits the fan, the US public is going to be shocked and unprepared. Of course, I support the elimination of Iran's aggresive nuclear program and I believe that most of the public would be on board if they understood the stakes. As of now, the vast majority seem more concerned with OJ Simpson and Brinty Spears.

600 Iranian missiles said to be pointed at targets in Israel
Iran warns Western nations against confrontation
France ups ante in war of words with Iran
Iran leader challenges Bush to U.N. Debate

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  1. Possibly. After the recent sneaky mission into Syria by Israel, there must be something going on that our nations (and Iran & Syria) are all mutually aware of that is not making its way out to the public of all nations. Btw. Your Blog post's text are obscured by a thick blue line through them when viewing on FireFox (and none of the side links are shown either). Works fine on I.E (although there are some strange overlaps on IE also). But something wacky is going on when viewing it with Firefox. Just thought I'd mention it to you.


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