Sunday, June 17, 2007

Palestinian Group threatens in video to kill BBC reporter Alan Johnston

The irony here is that the BBC is a well known mouth-piece for the most radical Palestinian elements. It's unfortunate that Johnston is paying the price for the BBC's sins. Perhaps the BBC's management would offer to exchange themselves for Johnston? Not likely.

The chaos and lawlessness in Gaza continues as the terrorist group Hamas consolidates its hold on that strip of Mediterranean coast on Israel's southern flank. This, as rockets are fired into northern Israel from Lebanon, the Iranian nuclear program proceeds uninterrupted, Iraq is a mess as the surge begins, 35 die in an Afghan suicide bombing and oil prices continue to surge. It looks like a long, hot summer ahead.

Honor Killings on the rise in the UK
ROP: 35 Killed in Kabul Bus Bomb Attack
Up to 4 Katyusha rockets fired at northern Israel
Today Gaza, Tomorrow Lebanon?

Quebec seperatist party march against Israel

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