Saturday, June 16, 2007

Many Palestinians flee Gaza to Israel

Apparently, many Palestinians feel safer running to Israel than living under a Hamas regime. The irony of such pictures cannot be overstated. They run to Israel because they know they will be treated humanly, as opposed to being slaughtered in the streets by their fellow Palestinians. All the propaganda, all the ugly rhetoric about the evil Israelis disappears when the chits are down; they run to Israel for protection and humanity. remember these pictures when your pot-smoking collage professor talks about the evil Jews oppressing the Palestinians. When the chits are down, Palestinians know where to run for saftey.

Looters raid Arafat's home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize:
This really is ironic; you couldn't make this stuff up even if you tired. LFG makes the point that this theft will spare the Nobel committee from awarding Hamas a Nobel prize because they already have one now.

Warren: Hamastan and the Anti-Anti-Islamists

Arafat's Children: Gaza's mayhem is the bitter fruit of terror as statecraft

Murder in Gaza:
Why Israel and not Fatah is demonized.

West Bank men shaving beards to avoid Fatah arrests
Sunday Times: Israel plans attack on Gaza

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