Wednesday, June 27, 2007

London police probe death of billionaire Ashraf Marwan, alleged Mossad agent

The Newspaper Haaretz reported that an Israeli court ruled that Major General (Res.) Eli Zeira, who headed Israeli Military Intelligence during the war in 1973, leaked Marwan's identity, placing his life in danger. Two weeks later, the man flew off of a balcony in London. Further proof of my contention that the worst kept secrets are in Israel. For more info on Ashraf Marwam, check out this article: Egyptian billionaire ‘who spied for Mossad’ found dead

CIA, FBI documents provide clues to 1973 killing of Israeli diplomat in Washington DC

Venezuela's Chavez wants office "for life". Should this really be a surprise to anyone?

Iran fuel rations spark violence: Why would there be fuel rationing in one of the largest oil producers in the world? I am told it is because they have no refining capacity.

Turbin Durbin: “It’s time to re institute the Fairness Doctrine”: The "fairness docrtrin" is one of those Orwellian terms, kind of like the "tolerance police" or the "work-will-make-you-free" concentration camp.

HOLY SHIA!!! What is wrong with This image?

A FORMER Sydney Australia taxi driver detained in Lebanon on suspicion of having links to terrorists, has been identified as a possible leader of the al-Qa'ida-linked outfit, Fatah al-Islam who have been battling Lebanese troops.

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