Friday, June 29, 2007

London: Capital of Spy Murders and Islamic Wack-jobs

Every day seems to bring new developments in London involving international intrigue and Islamic radicalism. Today's headline includes car bombs packed with gas and nails in the heart of Piccadilly that could potentially have killed hundreds. Islamic radicals openly demonstrate in London shouting "death to the Queen" because Salman Rushdie was Knighted, or whatever the latest excuse for rage is. Foreign Spy's are murdered by other foreign spy's with lethal doses of radiation or thrown off high rise balconies. Today's car bomb discovery was a simple matter of luck, and not the product of good intelligence or police work. Fortunately, the perpetrators simply botched it. London is becoming a real free-for-all.


  1. you brought up an interseting point, it was botched. Which leads me to wonder, was this a decoy? Show incompentance, get your enemy to drop their guard, then go for the throat. Classic Sun Tzu

  2. And now AQ tried to bomb Glasgow airport. Nice...


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