Monday, June 11, 2007

Iran: We will trigger all-out regional war if attacked, and we will target civilians

"Ballistic missiles would be fired in mass against targets in the Persian Gulf states and Israel," one Iranian Foreign Ministry official said. "The objective would be to overwhelm US missile defense systems with dozens and maybe hundreds of missiles fired simultaneously at specific targets." The idea is to inflict maximum damage on the oil infrastructure of the Persian Gulf, and to close the straits of Hormuz, causing oil prices to rise, possibly by hundreds of dollars a barral, causing an immediate world-wide recession. Additionally, "Iran will open a freeway for terrorists from Afghanistan all the way to Lebanon, enabling the terrorists to strike in almost every country in the Middle East." Civilians will be targeted, and Israel will be blanketed with rockets, including Tel Aviv.

All of these threats coming from Iran are of course expected; the question becomes, is the world ready to live under this type of threat, where Iran is in a position to dictate its will through a balance of terror? Is the world ready to live under the cloud of a nuclear armed Iran? The Neocon's position is no, and that any short term price is worth paying to avoid a nuclear Iran, which will mean a massive nuclear arms race in the Middle East, global instability on an unimaginable scale and a much higher price to be paid down the road.

'Military plan against Iran is ready'

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